Steps,Ways and How To Make Money Online in 2013

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Published: 29th August 2012
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Most people want to make money online and they're not sure how? Or you've been trying and things don't seem to map out for you. Well, I've put together a 6 step process to making money online, use this to plan your next project and make sure you see it to completion.

1. Figure Out Your "Why" - I think that this is the most important step in accomplishing anything. You must figure why you are doing this. Most of you will say, "to make more money", duh! But you got to dig deeper and find out what that extra income will do for you. This will also keep your head in the game when it seems like you can't complete task in front of you.

2. Write Down Your Plan - When making money online you must always have a plan and be sure to write it down. I've written and journal just about everything I've done in business for the past 3 years. This is very beneficial when you go back and look over your notes to see what you can implement today and see what you can do next that you have always wanted to do. Basically it's like writing your own movie.

3. Decide on the "How" - Now you want to figure out how you want to make money online. Your have a lot of options, but most people will go with the following: affiliate marketing, network marketing, niche marketing, creating and selling your own products. Now you may look at the list and think all of those may look appetizing but you must focus on one at a time. I advise getting into Network marketing online, because if you choose the right company they have the system already setup for you, you just have to send traffic. In any case, do your research on each of these methods and find which one suits you the best, then start with it.

4. Start Your Education - Starting an online business or even spending money without educating yourself is just plain crazy. You need the know how of how to get this going, not only to build confidence but to get better results when you try things. There is no need to buy every course there is on the internet to learn. There are also free resources such as You Tube that you can learn from and of course use the almighty search engine, Google to search for the information that you are looking for.

5. Take ACTION - I can't express this enough. You can do all the learning and studying in the world but if your not putting what you know into action your efforts will be lost. Nothing will happen without action. If you done all the research you can to feel comfortable with the online money making thing. Please take action on what you know so you can get the results and then tweak the results to get better and better until you master your craft.

6. Work and Never Ever Give Up - It's going to take hard work to get where you want to in life, believe me it's not easy like all the so called gurus will tell you. None the less, if you put in the hard work you will get much higher gains in return. I think the most important step in this entire article is to never ever give up, because when you do you will never realize what you could have did.
Well there you have it folks, please put into action what you have learned in this article so that you can have huge results like I did.

What sets those who make money online apart from those who don't? Here are 5 essential steps that everyone who makes money online has probably done and those who don't make money online have probably skipped out a step somewhere.

1. In Order to Make Money Online You Need to Research the Opportunity Thoroughly
Before you start any online business you should begin by doing some thorough research if you intend to make money online. This research should include a personal analysis (what business is best suited to your personality, skills and interests); keyword research (to determine what people are looking for); and online market research to see whether people are prepared to pay for these products or services.

2. All Successful Businesses Have a Business Plan
Another important point about those who make money online as opposed to those who don't is that those who make money online have had a business plan that includes who their target market is, what they want to accomplish and how and how they are going to market their business to their target market. Before starting your online business make sure you have a thoroughly researched business plan.

3. Create Your Website
It doesn't matter what you do online - whether you are an affiliate marketer or sell your own products, you will need your own website. This means that you will need to register your domain name and find website hosting that meets your needs. Although you can get free domain names and free hosting it is usually best to pay for hosting if you can as free web hosts come with their own problems.

4. More Traffic = More Business
Another essential element to make money online is that you need to get as much traffic to your website as possible. Use as many traffic generation tools as you can including search engine optimization, social media marketing, article marketing and any other tool you come across.

5. Test and Track for Better Results
The final step in online business success is to test and track everything and then use the results you get to improve your business. You may need to concentrate more time on marketing methods that are working best and drop those that are not producing results; change your ad copy or the copy on your sales pages, etc.
In order to make money online it is important to follow these five basic steps - research, plan, put up your website, market (get traffic) and then test the results you are getting to see where you can improve your business

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